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Saturday, December 7, 2013

In An Artistic Mood

Feeling a bit in the mood to start just get my colors out and start painting was really hard to come across to me in most cases .. But today I just got up and my 2 years old Manila tags that I got from Carlene and got out some paints. Sitting there for a few minutes not knowing wht to do or what to paint. Then it finally hit me .. I have all those st amps that I hardly use .. Maybe it's time for me to use them too ? Spent the next hour painting and using left over inks on other tags. I came out with these and I do admit .. These are the better looking finished ones :) 
Ok the last one is the least I like .. I feel it's a bit empty and needs some jazzing up .. What do you think ? Maybe it becomes my next painting issue where I go to town with :D 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Instagram addiction

People who mostly go on web sites and just sit in their chairs for hours goofing from one thing to the other are totally addicts ... But let's face it , they are the good type of addicts lol .. They don't have withdrawals if they quit .. So we are good .... Right ?! Think again lol 

My new passion is Instagram. What is that ? It's an iPhone app where you post a picture leave a comment on it , hashtag it or tag people in it .. Like and have other people like your picture post . It's just the feeling that people really out there and reach out to you for seein something you post or just say .. Then they presented a new way to have people addict it more :D  they added a 15 seconds window for video option !! It's really crazy but not as crazy as vine " another app where you post 6 seconds videos" off subject here ... Anyways! 
So the first thing I do these days right after waking up and wakig everyone up for school is to unlock my iPhone and tap that little icon brown and beige and pretty  *sighs* and just go from post to another haha 
Ok so where's the crafty part about my post ? Wellllll , I made a little card that resembles that App's icon 😂Do  you see what that "yea right!!" Part up there about addiction withdrawal from the first part if this post is for now ? Yep I admit it I'm not a Pinterest addict .. I developed new symptoms which are able to take me anywhere not iny Infront of a computer screen, an iPhone \ iPad screen but will also follow me in crafting. Ok here's what I  made :
Here's a close up 

Well you can call me an instAddict now * enter happy goofy laugh* 
Who knows what's my new addiction would be .. Till I really go ahead and post something again I shall leave you in gods hands and may you live long and have "safe" addictions