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Saturday, December 7, 2013

In An Artistic Mood

Feeling a bit in the mood to start just get my colors out and start painting was really hard to come across to me in most cases .. But today I just got up and my 2 years old Manila tags that I got from Carlene and got out some paints. Sitting there for a few minutes not knowing wht to do or what to paint. Then it finally hit me .. I have all those st amps that I hardly use .. Maybe it's time for me to use them too ? Spent the next hour painting and using left over inks on other tags. I came out with these and I do admit .. These are the better looking finished ones :) 
Ok the last one is the least I like .. I feel it's a bit empty and needs some jazzing up .. What do you think ? Maybe it becomes my next painting issue where I go to town with :D 

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